Data Engineering

Our data engineering service offering is focused on building robust and secure data pipelines to collect, prepare, transform and store highly usable and trusted data.  Our data consultants are experienced problem solvers and view data engineering as a practice.  To that end, our data consultants follow key data integration and data architecture principles which are guided by data domain expertise to design data pipelines with the longview in mind.

Our data consultants view data engineering as more than the traditional ETL (extract, transform, load) which can be swayed by narrow and short-sighted requirements.  Instead they focus on data architectures that are purposefully designed to capture data in its native and transient state and create data lineage that are easy to govern and are auditable.  In this way the data output becomes highly usable and agnostic to any number of use cases in an enterprise.

Automation and data integration tools such as cloud computing are leveraged to ensure data pipelines are secure, scalable and resilient.

Case Studies