Case Study

Automation Testing


GSA's Digital Signature Solutions (DSS) team wanted to adapt to new customer demands for more services and better features at a higher quality than ever before. However, their existing testing model couldn’t meet these new demands. The testing model was supported with manual testing efforts. They wanted to reduce the testing time and have greater test coverage. The client needed to switch to automated testing to meet their new strategic objectives – increased speed, coverage and efficiency.


Omnisolve proposed the Selenium framework due its flexibility and open source nature. The team presented a cost benefit analysis to the client showing the benefits of using Selenium for automated testing versus manual testing. The team started out with a proof of concept on existing services to show the power of automation. The team built out test scripts using Java programming language. The test scripts allow for DSS to test different scenarios quickly, determining the potential impact on the system. We implemented TestNG framework to scale our test cases and produce testing reports. After successfully testing the POC on different platforms and services, the solution launched as the default testing solution. The DSS team is now benefiting from an automated, controlled, and tested solution that supports scalability while increasing reliability, speed, and efficiency.

Key Performance Metrics

Decrease in Testing Completion Time


  • Standardized execution across the testing lifecycle which increased team throughput
  • By reducing the testing time the agency saves both time and money
  • Improved time-to-market for services and higher quality delivery across GSA
  • Scalable and flexible solution that can grow and transform with demand
  • Reusable automation test suites that can be tested across multiple browsers and operating systems
  • Improved testing reports creating greater transparency across the team
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