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PBS had a tedious and archaic manual upload process for emails and attachments to the electronic contract file within Electronic Acquisition System Integration (EASi). EASi provides a PR, Solicitation, and Award workflow tool to help complete everyday tasks and streamline acquisition processes. There were multiple locations to search for Award/Contract Information. PBS wanted to improve the user experience by having something that was easier to use and while reducing the amount of time to complete the process.


Omnisolve partnered with key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive  understanding of user needs. We ran three week sprints gathering requirements, development and testing.  We decoupled data exchanges across application boundaries such as Google, GSA IT and PBS. We were able to develop granular API's for data exchange pattern standardization and scalability. Our develop standards aligned with PBS IT modernization strategy and API Strategy. Our customized interface offers seamless integration as a chrome extension so anyone can easily use. 

  • Access Control with role based access and single sign on
  • Parallel processing with multiple email and destination folder selection
  • Process standardization with single UI access 
  • Increased usability avoiding email forwarding and multiple UI access points
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Bin Ke
Bin Ke

Key Performance Metrics


Reduction in User Task Time
PBS CO/COR users
transactions per day


  • New widget marked by streamlined navigation, a modern look and feel, and a custom-developed interface for storing of select documents.
  • Dramatically improved the user experience making the process more efficient, the agency saves both time and money.
  • The interface now adheres to GSA 508 compliance standards with a single A rating