The Federal Government had several challenges they needed to overcome with a legacy United States Marshals Service Capture system. The aging system was becoming increasingly obsolete and difficult to maintain. The legacy system could not connect to the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) services so the communication was done outside the system. The client wanted to automate zooming and cropping of profile images, automating biographics and biometric data. The client also wanted to be able to verify prisoners that were in transit for faster processing. By modernizing a legacy system OmniSolve could save the government time and money.


The high level scope was to implement a technology that can be used for identification and access control or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. OmniSolve developed a clear strategic vision and a roadmap towards that vision. OmniSolve enabled a smooth transition from legacy to the new USMS Capture system by enabling both systems access to Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) services.

  • The bio-component engine can capture fingerprints, iris and mugshots and to package the biometric data based on ANSI-NIST and NGI EBTS standards.
  • Removed the need to manually zoom and crop profile images by providing auto capture/crop of side and/or profile images
  • Enabled auto-population of biographics and biometric by enabling access to the arrestee records of other agencies via web services when requested.
  • Enabled verification of a prisoner in transit by providing “Fingerprint Verification” service to verify the identity of prisoner based on two fingerprints and FBI number.
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Polus Betmorada
Polus Betmorada

Key Performance Metrics

Support over 120,000 enrollment transactions/year
JDIS system issues some 240,000 query transactions/year


The solution has enabled the USMS Prisoner Operations Division (POD) to verify the prisoners during the transfer, to seamlessly enable capture of biometrics and to enable access to prior arrests and NGI criminal history records.The solution is deployed on Amazon Web Services which allows for high-scalability, high-availability and to access data in a fraction of the time that was previously impossible. The client has valued a new system with improved efficiency, cost savings, as well as more valuable, accurate, and actionable data insights.

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