DevOps and DevSecOps

Omnisolve’s DevSecOps implementation involves integrating development, security, testing, deployment, and release cycles into automated, robust, secure and collaborative processes. The four pillars of of our DevSecOps strategy are:

Automation: Leverage application release orchestration tools such as Gitlab, Azure Pipeline, Docker to optimize application release processes and enable users to schedule, track, plan, and even execute elements of CI/CD workflows

Collaborative Culture: Build and promote understanding between developers and operations to inculcate a culture of shared responsibility for the solutions that we provide. This means increasing transparency, communication, and collaboration across development, operations, and business lines

Monitoring CI/CD: Implement the best features of both reactive and proactive monitoring approaches into our CI/CD workflow. Continuous monitoring and observability allows our team to collect metrics and actionable insights that help us to constantly refine our CI/CD processes

Business Driven Security: Integration between authentication, scanning, management tools and CI/CD pipeline tools provide the most optimal solution for security-related problems. Our SecOps practice revolves around checking and fixing vulnerabilities as we incrementally build and implement your code for continuous implementation and delivery.