Data Visualization

Our data visualization service offering focuses on developing visual tools to communicate operational performance, surface opportunities and identify risks.  Our data consultants have expertise in designing, developing and deploying self-serve data and analytics dashboards for senior business executives and management alike.  More importantly they are skilled at partnering with the user community, building data acumen and key performance metrics from the ground-up where business requirements may not be well understood or developed.

Behind each visualization, is data.  Our data consultants know that a single data point may be interesting however valuable insights which drive action can only come from integrated data coupled with effective visualization. 

Our data consultants also understand that good visualization can help in a couple of different ways.  First, a visual effectively designed helps with understanding complex and complicated data.  And second, in applying the right visual to the business problem helps bring data patterns to light.

Business intelligence capabilities and visualization tools enabled on cloud infrastructure are leveraged to ensure appropriate security, privacy and data governance.

Case Studies